OptiMem RAM Charger Quotes & Comments

What The Experts Say About OptiMem RAM Charger

"OptiMem accomplishes the seemingly miraculous"
- Craig Crossman, Knight-Ridder Syndicated Review

"I'm very impressed. [OptiMem RAM Charger is] nice to have installed even with a ton of ram. It's a wonderful convenience not to have to redo application size settings even when I'm reading in that once-a-week, enormous document, or decide I really do need a dozen windows open, and so forth. It's one of those utilities that, in an unobtrusive way, makes my Macintosh much more of a pleasure to use."
- Lofty Becker, Respected SysOp & MacWEEK Reviewer

"Hey, the new Opti release works wonderfully - even makes Word 6.0 run like a dream! Great release!"
- Todd Pritsky, Site Manager

"I spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out a way to crash OptiMem RAM Charger. So far - no luck. The thing just stays up no matter what I do. This is an absolutely brilliant piece of work."
- Bill Fuller, System Administrator

"I've used OptiMem on a Quadra 800 and think it should be part of the system software." "OptiMem is astounding. ... It was impressive to see OmniPage Pro compile and link with MPW running in a 2MB partition."
- David Ramsey, MacWEEK Columnist

"I can't live without it."
- Kyong-Rok CHOI, Keio University

"I wasn't too sure about using it: after all I've got 40 megs of RAM. But since it fixes known memory manager bugs, I decided to give it a try anyway. I have not had a memory related crash since I installed it! My PowerMac runs better with OptiMem than it ever did before, and there is no slowdown that I can see. Thank you!"
- Tracy Valleau, President, LinksWare

"Your software is great!! I can't believe the software we are opening up on a 4 meg SE."
- Randy McElligott, KPMG Peat Merwick Thorne

"I have a user who needs to open some HUGE PowerPoint documents (4-5MB) occasionally. OptiMem is a better solution than assigning a lot of memory to the application."
- Il Hwan Oh, Network Administrator

"OptiMem ... is an absolutely wonderful idea - I love it!"
- Ken Gladston, MacTech Magazine

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