OptiMem RAM Charger Features

Give Your Mac The Green Light
And Leave Memory Problems Behind

OptiMem RAM Charger is the revolutionary new Macintosh system extension that does exactly what its name implies - it optimizes the way your Mac uses memory. It gives you more usable memory, like a hardware upgrade. But it's 100 percent software so it installs in seconds, costs a whole lot less, and does a whole lot more.

The OptiMem RAM Charger system extension removes artificial "preferred" memory limitation on applications. With OptiMem RAM Charger, applications open small and automatically grow and shrink while they operate. This makes more memory available to open more documents and applications at the same time.

System Requirements: Any Macintosh Running System 7.
Hard Disk Space: Approximately 400K Disk space.
RAM Used By System Extension: 50K.

Without OptiMem RAM Charger (Two Apps, Low Free Memory)

With OptiMem RAM Charger (Many Apps and Free Memory)

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Why do you need OptiMem RAM Charger?

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Who benefits from OptiMem RAM Charger?

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What doesn't OptiMem RAM Charger do?

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