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RAM Charger 8 For Macintosh
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RAM Charger 8.1 was released May 11, 1998. RAM Charger is now Mac OS 8.1 and Office 98 compatible, as well as working on all versions of OS 7. Version 8.1 is a free update to all RAM Charger 8 owners, just Download the installer to update. OptiMem 1, and RAM Charger 2 & 3 owners must upgrade to RAM Charger 8.

If you are using Mac OS 8.5, please visit this OS 8.5 page which discusses possible conflicts.

If you're already familiar with previous OptiMem or RAM Charger technology, here is a brief list of new RAM Charger 8 features.

For new users, click to learn about RAM Charger and More About This Mac.

You may also wish to visit MacWEEK's article about RAM Charger 8, and the "Macintosh Online Technical Journal" page, independent pages which give more product background.

Download the installer for a free trial of both RAM Charger 8 and More About This Mac Pro. Using the online pricing and ordering, you may purchase your personal Serial IDs that make the trial software permanent. In any case, you are welcome to keep a free copy of More About This Mac (Lite), just for trying RAM Charger 8.

With this release of RAM Charger 8, we are making direct sales via the Internet our primary distribution channel, to avoid the prohibitively high costs for small publishers to do business through retail stores and catalogs. So, e-delivery of the product (via download here, or soon-to-be-available e-mail) is the wave of the future we are trying to catch right now. (We are particularly happy that the "E" in E-delivery not only stands for "Electronic," but "Environmental" and "Efficient," too -- we really like the idea of avoiding all the waste involved in manufacturing and transporting the materials and packaging that normally go into a software package.)

Thanks for your continued interest and support of RAM Charger.

Robert Thornton, President
Jump Development Group


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