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RAM Charger & MATM with MacOS 8.5 & 8.6
May 17, 1999

Starting with Mac OS 8.5, our testing combined with reports from our users revealed that RAM Charger does not operate fully under OS 8.5 or later versions for some users. In practice, most users report they are able to use RAM Charger and More About This Mac (MATM) under OS 8.5 (icon related problems usually being fixed by a disk fix utility and/or desktop rebuild), but not all report success with OS 8.5.1 and 8.6 (see some email messages from happy users here).

In OS 8.5.1 and 8.6 it does seem that users have more problems using RAM Charger with Apple virtual memory enabled (RAM Doubler virtual memory seems OK). In our testing here, we were able to reliably recreate "multicolored scroll bars, and subsequent system instability" when running Apple VM and RAM Charger on a number of machines. However, on those same machines, we do not see these problems with Apple Virtual Memory disabled (and, no problems with RAM Doubler virtual memory enabled). For our tests, a problem appeared when we would open SimpleText and fill 10 or so documents, each with enough text that they could not accept any more (then the scroll bars would go "multi-color").

Could there be bugs in Mac OS 8.5/6? Consider this news, from Feb 25 1999.
Even though some users do not benefit fully using RAM Charger and MATM under Mac OS 8.5/6, RAM Charger still works fine with all versions of Mac OS 7, as well as with Mac OS 8 and 8.1; and, OS 8.5/6 users that have problems may get benefit disabling Apple VM (perhaps using RAM Doubler), or using conservative setup described here.
Specifically, it is clear that our enhancement to the "new and improved" Get Info window does not function properly under OS 8.5 or later (this is fact). However, there are increased reports of  some user's icons in the Finder going "black and white, and scroll bars in applications changing to random-multi-colors. Though our "Get Info" enhancement is not required for operation, systems where icon and scroll bar related problems may be less stable. Moreover, in most cases users report that in OS 8.5.1 More About This Mac will not open at all, complaining endlessly about "Icon" related problems, and those who see Finder icon and scroll bar related issues often report system instability as well.

Conservative Configuration (RAM Charger is still valuable)

As a result of potential conflicts, we cannot unconditionally recommend using RAM Charger and OS 8.5 together. However, if you wish to use some of the features that may be compatible, please examine the known issues below, and test to your satisfaction with your specific configuration before purchasing. You may find that RAM Charger works well if you disable Apple Virutal Memory (perhaps using RAM Doubler virtual memory instead), and/or you might consider conservative setup, described here.

Since the service provided by the RAM Charger is invaluable for some specific applications, some individuals will find the current RAM Charger 8.1 release useful even with limited configuration. For such individuals we recommend that you "Automatically open new applications uncharged" using the General Settings' "Application" Tab, and enable only applications that you test and find most useful. Moreover, in OS 8.5.1 or later, it is recommend that you disable More About This Mac in your Extension Manager. This conservative setup is described here.

Known Issues
Get Info enhancement does not work. Since OS 8.5 has completely changed the style of the "Get Info" window, RAM Charger usually does not enhance the Get Info window, or if it does it makes a mess (but works if you can figure it out). While this does not cause any instability, it can be confusing. As a result, it is recommended that you disable "Access RAM Charger Settings in Finder's Get Info" using the General Settings' "Application" Tab.
More About This Mac reports a "PlotIcon" error. Apple has rewritten the icon code in OS 8.5. In with 8.5 most all users reported the problems went away with at least one the following steps:
  • Run apple's Disk First Aid checking utility.
  • Restart your computer and hold down Command-Option as the desktop appears (just before the menu bar shows up). You will be asked to "rebuild the desktop", and should do so. If you are not asked then restart and hold down the keys sooner and longer (until asked), or read the Mac documentation about rebuilding your desktop. You should be asked just before your "hard disk" icon(s) show up on the desktop.
  • Trash the file "More About This Mac Preferences" in your preferences folder.
With 8.5.1 we have had more users reporting back that these steps did not solve the problem. The steps do not hurt anything, and are actually healthy for your computer, so you may wish to try them if you are willing to take the time. However, if they do not solve the problem we will not be very surprised at this point.
Finder's icons change to black and white, or scroll bars become "multi-color". The cause is not known. Moreover, those who see Finder icon and scroll bar related issues often report system instability as well. However, this may be the result of RAM Charging some specific application. Try disabling RAM Charger for any applications you used since startup. If you are lucky, you will still be able to charge the applications which are in most need.

After pouring our hearts and souls (not to mention our wallets) into this product for over seven years, we are very reluctant to leave it at this. However, at this time we are sorry to say that we don't have the resources to commit to 8.5 compatibility, due to the shrinking market for a product like this in the ever-changing Macintosh community. We continue to look for a new business strategy or partnership that will allow us to accommodate the changes in OS 8.5 and future updates.

Thanks for your continuous use and support of RAM Charger over the years, and for all of your gratifying comments, encouragement, and creative suggestions.

Kind regards always,
Robert Thornton, President
Cris Mooney, Lead Programmer
Scott Johnson, Sales Coordinator

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